Excel Tutorial: How To Remove External Links In Excel (2024)


If you've ever worked with Excel, you may have encountered external links within your spreadsheets. These are connections to other workbooks or data sources that can be useful for data analysis and reporting. However, external links can also pose a security risk and lead to issues with data accuracy and integrity. In this tutorial, we will explore how to remove external links in Excel and why it's important to do so.

Key Takeaways

  • External links in Excel can be useful for data analysis and reporting, but they also pose security risks and can lead to data accuracy and integrity issues.
  • It is important to regularly check for and remove external links in Excel documents to maintain data security and accuracy.
  • External links can be identified and removed using the Edit Links feature, the Find and Replace tool, and manual checking of each worksheet.
  • Best practices for preventing external links include using absolute references, checking for external links before sharing documents, and regularly updating and maintaining Excel files.
  • By following the provided methods and best practices, users can ensure that their Excel documents are free from external links and maintain data integrity.

Identifying External Links in Excel

When working with Excel, it's important to be aware of any external links that may be present in your workbook. These links can cause issues with data integrity and can also pose a security risk. Here's how you can identify external links in Excel:

A. Go to the Data tab

First, navigate to the Data tab in the Excel ribbon. This tab contains all the tools and options related to data management and connections.

B. Click on Edit Links

Once you are on the Data tab, look for the "Edit Links" option. This will allow you to view and manage any external links that are present in your workbook.

C. Identify and select the external links

After clicking on Edit Links, a window will pop up displaying all the external links in your workbook. Take a look at the list and identify any links that are not internal to your workbook. You can select these links to further manage or remove them as needed.

Removing External Links

External links in Excel can sometimes cause issues and it is important to know how to remove them. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

A. Click on Break Link

To remove external links in Excel, you will first need to click on the "Break Link" option. This can be found in the "Data" tab on the Excel ribbon.

B. Choose the links to be broken

Once you have clicked on "Break Link", a new window will pop up showing all the external links that are currently connected to the worksheet. You can then choose the specific links that you want to break.

C. Confirm the action

After selecting the links to be broken, you will need to confirm the action by clicking on the "OK" button. This will remove the selected external links from the worksheet.

By following these simple steps, you can easily remove external links in Excel and ensure that your worksheet is free from any unwanted connections.

Using the Find and Replace Tool

When it comes to removing external links in Excel, the Find and Replace tool can be a valuable resource. This feature allows you to quickly and efficiently search for and replace specific content within your spreadsheet. Here's how to use it:

A. Go to the Home tab

To access the Find and Replace tool, first go to the Home tab in the Excel ribbon.

B. Click on Find & Select

Once on the Home tab, locate the "Editing" group and click on "Find & Select."

C. Choose Replace

From the dropdown menu that appears, select "Replace" to open the Find and Replace dialog box.

D. Enter the external link in the "Find what" box and leave the "Replace with" box blank

Now, in the Find and Replace dialog box, enter the external link you wish to remove in the "Find what" box. Leave the "Replace with" box blank, as you want to remove the link entirely.

E. Click Replace All

Finally, click on the "Replace All" button to remove all instances of the external link from your Excel spreadsheet. Excel will provide a summary of the number of replacements made.

Manually Checking For External Links

When working in Excel, it's important to be aware of any external links that may be present in your workbook. These links can sometimes pose security risks and may also cause your file to be slow or unresponsive. Here's how you can manually check for external links in Excel:

A. Scroll through each worksheet
  • B. Look for cells with formulas that reference external sources
  • As you scroll through each worksheet in your workbook, keep an eye out for any cells that contain formulas referencing external sources. These formulas may include links to other workbooks, web pages, or databases. Take note of the cell references and the external sources they are linking to.

  • C. Edit or remove the external references as needed
  • Once you have identified the cells with external references, you can then decide whether to edit or remove these links. To edit a reference, you can simply change the cell reference to a local reference within the workbook. To remove a reference, you can replace the formula with its current value or delete the formula altogether.

Best Practices for Preventing External Links

When working with Excel, it's important to be mindful of external links and take steps to prevent them from causing issues in your documents. Here are some best practices to help you avoid external links:

A. Use absolute references when creating formulas
  • 1. Avoid using relative references: When creating formulas in Excel, it's best to use absolute references to prevent the formula from automatically updating when the document is opened on a different computer or linked to external data sources.
  • 2. Use the $ symbol: To create an absolute reference, simply add a $ symbol before the column letter and row number in your formula, such as $A$1.

B. Always check for external links before sharing or distributing Excel documents
  • 1. Use the "Edit Links" feature: Before sharing or distributing an Excel document, always check for external links using the "Edit Links" feature under the "Data" tab. This will allow you to identify any external connections and address them before sharing the document.
  • 2. Remove external links: If you do find external links, it's important to remove them before sharing the document to prevent any issues for the recipients.

C. Regularly update and maintain your Excel documents to prevent external links from accumulating
  • 1. Update data sources: If your Excel document is linked to external data sources, make sure to regularly update and maintain those sources to prevent external links from accumulating.
  • 2. Review and clean up: Periodically review your Excel documents to identify and clean up any unnecessary external links that may have accumulated over time.


In conclusion, removing external links in Excel is crucial for maintaining data integrity and security. By eliminating any potential connections to outside sources, you can ensure that your spreadsheet is accurate and free from potential security risks. We encourage readers to utilize the methods provided in this tutorial to clean up their Excel documents and improve their data management practices.

We also recommend exploring additional resources for further learning about Excel and data management, such as online courses, tutorials, and community forums. Continuously educating yourself on best practices in Excel will help you become a more proficient and efficient user of this powerful tool.

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I am a seasoned Excel expert with a wealth of experience in data analysis, reporting, and spreadsheet management. Over the years, I have successfully navigated the intricacies of Excel, addressing various challenges related to external links, data accuracy, and security. My expertise is demonstrated by my hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge of the features and best practices discussed in the following article.

Identifying External Links in Excel: The article rightly emphasizes the importance of recognizing external links to prevent data integrity issues. The suggested method involves navigating to the Data tab, clicking on Edit Links, and selecting and managing external links from the displayed window. This method is effective and aligns with standard Excel practices.

Removing External Links: The step-by-step guide provided for removing external links is accurate and efficient. Clicking on "Break Link" from the Data tab, choosing specific links to break, and confirming the action is a straightforward process. This ensures that unwanted connections are removed, maintaining the worksheet's cleanliness and data integrity.

Using the Find and Replace Tool: The article recommends the Find and Replace tool as a valuable resource for removing external links. This is an advanced technique that allows users to search for and replace specific content efficiently. The instructions provided, including going to the Home tab, selecting Find & Select, and using the Replace feature, are comprehensive and effective.

Manually Checking for External Links: Manually checking for external links is a crucial skill, and the article appropriately guides users through the process. By scrolling through each worksheet, looking for cells with external references, and editing or removing them as needed, users can ensure thorough verification of their Excel documents.

Best Practices for Preventing External Links: The best practices outlined in the article are essential for preventing external links and maintaining data integrity. The use of absolute references, checking for external links before sharing, and regularly updating and maintaining Excel files are fundamental strategies that reflect a deep understanding of Excel's functionalities.

In conclusion, the provided tutorial offers valuable insights into managing external links in Excel. Removing external links is crucial for data integrity and security, and the outlined methods and best practices serve as a comprehensive guide for users. I encourage readers to follow these practices diligently to enhance their Excel proficiency and ensure the accuracy of their spreadsheet data.

Excel Tutorial: How To Remove External Links In Excel (2024)


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