Kael Champion Guide - RAID: Shadow Legends (2024)

If you have any experience with the dark fantasy collection RPG RAID: Shadow Legends, you’ve probably met Kael – or seen him in action in the animated limited series, RAID: Call of the Arbiter.

A black sheep among his people, Kael left the Dark Elven homeland of Durham Forest to study at one of the Free Cities, becoming a capable mage, as well as nurturing an unexpected belief that the Dark and High Elves were more alike than they were different. After having secured himself a place at the peace talks between the Elves, he learned of a network of ancient caves running beneath the capital city of Aravia. Determined to find out what lay there, he started on a path that would change his life forever.

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If you need a solid starting Champion with both magic and poisons at his disposal, you can’t go wrong with the Dark Elf poster boy, Kael.


A formidable mage and master of poisons from the Dark Elves Faction, Kael stands as one of the best early-game Champions in the entirety of RAID: Shadow Legends. With an AoE attack that can fill his Turn Meter and two skills that can inflict Poison, this sorcerer is widely considered the best pick out of the four starter Champions you can choose from when you begin your adventure, and continues to stay relevant right up until the mid to late-game across multiple game modes.


Kael can be acquired from Mystery, Ancient, and Primal Shards. Kael is also one of the starter Champions you can pick during RAID: Shadow Legends’ tutorial.


Kael’s skills are all straightforward, but do not mistake them for being ineffective. With the ability to place Poison with two of his skills, Kael’s damage output can rival that of even Legendaries. Check out his skills below:

  • Dark Bolt – Attacks 1 enemy. Has an 80% chance of placing a 2.5% [Poison] debuff for 2 turns.
  • Acid Rain – Attacks all enemies. Has an extra 15% chance of inflicting a critical hit. Fills the Turn Meter of this Champion by 25% for each enemy killed.
  • Disintegrate – Attacks 4 times at random. Has a 40% chance of placing a 5% [Poison] debuff for 2 turns.

Kael also has an Aura that increases Ally HP in all battles by 15%.


To set Kael up for success way into your RAID: Shadow Legends career, you’ll need the right build. Check out our recommendations for this Dark Elf’s Masteries, Gear, and Blessings below.


As most players will get Kael as their very first Champion, it’s our advice that you build him to help turbo-charge your progress through the beginning stages of RAID: Shadow Legends. While you could kit him out for the Arena – and he can certainly succeed there – our suggestion would be to either make him your dedicated Campaign farmer, or have him be one of your main damage dealers for taking on the Demon Lord Clan Boss.

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If you’re picking Kael as your Campaign farmer, your focus should be on wiping out all enemy waves as quickly as possible. To that end, you’ll want to aim to get the Flawless Execution Mastery on Tier 6 of the Offense Mastery tree, while grabbing Masteries like Blood Shield, Kill Streak, and Whirlwind of Death along the way. Spirit Haste and Swarm Smiter on the Support Mastery tree are also helpful.

For taking on the Demon Lord, your build will be about applying consistent damage over a longer period of time rather than taking out your enemies in one fell swoop. As such, the Tier 6 Offense Mastery of Warmaster should be your ultimate aim as it gives Kael the chance to deal a huge chunk of damage to the Demon Lord when using any of his skills, along with other Offense Masteries like Methodical and Bring It Down. Support Masteries shouldn’t be neglected here either, with Sniper and Master Hexer helping increase the effectiveness of your Poison debuffs.


Helpfully, both of these builds need roughly the same stats in order to be effective: Critical Damage, Critical Rate, and Speed. However, for the Demon Lord focused build, you will need to put some investment into Accuracy so your Kael can land those all-important Poisons.

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In terms of specific Gear Sets, Sets that boost Kael’s offensive capabilities are safe bets – with Savage, Cruel, Speed, and Perception being some top recommendations. Lifesteal is also a fantastic choice as the high damage Kael will be dealing translates into substantial self-healing to keep him in the fight.


As a Rare Champion, Kael only has access to one Tier of Blessings, so his options are somewhat limited. However, for both of the recommended builds, Phantom Touch from the Dark Divinity stands out as the must-have option, giving Kael the chance to tack on some bonus damage whenever he attacks.


As the quote unquote “best” of the starter Champions in RAID: Shadow Legends, it’s no surprise that Kael can do well across the game’s multiple modes. During the early game, and even stretching into mid and late-game, Kael will remain a solid pick for whatever content you choose to tackle. However, he will eventually fall off in usefulness as you summon more Epic, Legendary, and Mythical Champions who can do his job even better.


Thanks to his Poisons, Kael is a great pick for almost every Dungeon in RAID: Shadow Legends, with him being especially effective in the Dragon’s Lair thanks to Hellrazor’s high HP. Kael’s Acid Rain skill is a fantastic way to clear waves in specific Dungeons, and the Turn Meter boost he gets from it means he can continue to pile on the damage.


Similarly, Kael is a decent pick for early on in the Doom Tower, but his effectiveness does start to peter out dramatically as you face much hardier enemies with more diverse skillsets. He will need to rely heavily on either Lifesteal or have a dedicated healer on his team should he plan to survive.


Likewise, Kael remains a reliable pick for clearing out the early Stages of the Dark Elf Faction Crypt in Faction Wars. Much like with Doom Tower, though, he’ll begin to struggle as you reach the higher Stages and encounter the Cryptkeepers that require very specific strategies to defeat them.


  • Has access to Poisons on two skills, including his default skill
  • Can be your very first Champion, and stays relevant all the way to late game
  • Reliable damage dealer for multiple modes like Clan Boss and Campaign
  • Only has access to the 5% Poison debuff on his A3 skill
  • Will eventually get outpaced by Epics, Legendaries, and Mythicals
  • Simple skill set doesn’t allow for much build variety
HOW TO UNLOCKMystery Shards, Ancient Shards, Primal Shards, Summon Pool Events, Tutorial




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Kael Champion Guide - RAID: Shadow Legends (2024)


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