How to Keep Bath Towels Fresh and Long-Lasting: Expert Tips from Saatva (2024)


In the realm of household essentials, bath towels often bear the brunt of daily wear and tear. Despite their seemingly resilient nature, maintaining their freshness and longevity requires more than a cursory wash. At Saatva, we understand the significance of quality towels, which is why we offer expert advice on how to preserve their softness and functionality effectively.

Regular Washing: A Crucial Step

Bath towels, much like bed sheets, demand regular washing due to their consistent contact with the body. Contrary to popular belief, towels can harbor bacteria and odors, necessitating frequent cleansing. Our recommendation? Wash your towels every three to four uses, or more frequently if you engage in regular physical activities.

Proper Washing Techniques

  1. Optimal Water Temperature: Follow the manufacturer's instructions, but generally, washing towels in cold water on a gentle cycle is advisable. This preserves the fabric's integrity while ensuring effective cleaning.

  2. Pre-Wash New Towels: Despite their initial fluffiness, new towels may carry residual chemicals. Washing them before use eliminates these substances, offering a safer and softer experience.

  3. Color Separation: To prevent discoloration, sort your towels by color. Wash white, dark, and colored towels separately, maintaining their vibrancy.

  4. Avoid Mixing with Clothes: Washing towels with clothing invites snags and compromises their quality. Dedicate a load exclusively to towels to preserve their fibers.

  5. Combat Odors: For particularly stubborn odors, pre-treat towels with half a cup of baking soda before the regular wash. This natural solution neutralizes odors effectively.

Skip Fabric Softeners: The Vinegar Solution

While fabric softeners might seem tempting, they create a waxy buildup, diminishing towels' absorbency over time. Instead, add half a cup of vinegar during the rinse cycle. Vinegar not only enhances softness but also aids in setting colors for new towels and removes detergent residue.

Drying Techniques

  1. Shake and Fluff: After washing, shake your towels to fluff the terry loops, enhancing their absorbency.

  2. Tumble Dry: Dry towels on low to medium heat with similar items, like other towels or bedding. Avoid dryer sheets, as these can reduce absorbency.

  3. Timely Removal: Remove towels promptly once dry to prevent musty smells. Ensure they are completely dry before folding to maintain freshness.

Upgrade Your Towel Experience with Saatva

At Saatva, we offer an exquisite range of towels designed for luxury and longevity. Explore our Waffle Towel Collection for spa-worthy softness after every bath or shower. Alternatively, indulge in our Plush Towel Collection, featuring impossibly plush and soft towels for a truly opulent bathing experience. Crafted from durable long-staple cotton that becomes softer with each wash, our towels redefine your bathing ritual.


Preserving the freshness and longevity of bath towels involves mindful washing and drying techniques. By adhering to these expert recommendations from Saatva, you not only maintain the impeccable quality of your towels but also elevate your daily bathing experience. Upgrade to Saatva towels today and indulge in the luxury you deserve.

How to Keep Bath Towels Fresh and Long-Lasting: Expert Tips from Saatva (2024)


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