How to Fix Google Sheets Not Working (2024)

Fixed: “Google Sheets not loading in Chrome” issue

Fix 1–888–570–1595 “Google Sheets Not Loading in Chrome” Issue: Google Sheets is a useful online spreadsheet that helps you organize and manage data in the cloud. However, sometimes you may encounter an error preventing Google Sheets from loading in Chrome. If you encounter this problem, don’t worry. This article will guide you through 5 effective solutions to fix this problem. Visit the website for more information.

Check your internet connection
Common Reasons: Google Sheets Not Loading in Chrome
Cause: Poor internet connection
Resolution: A. Restart your modem b. Disconnect other devices from the same Internet connection c. Switch to a wired connection if possible

Update your browser and disable extensions
Outdated Chrome or browser extensions can also cause Google Sheets not loading issue. Update your browser to the latest version and disable all extensions. Start enabling them one by one until you find the problematic extension. Once you identify it, delete it.

  • Clear your cache and cookies
  • Browser cache and cookies can cause Google Sheets not to load properly if not cleared.
  • To clear cache and cookies, click the menu icon and select “History”.
  • In the “History” menu, choose “Clear browsing data”.
  • Select the time range and the data you want to delete.
  • Click “Clear data” to delete the selected data.

Google Sheets not loading on Android
1. Force close the app and try again
The best way to start troubleshooting a third-party app is to force quit it and try again. It should work most of the time if a certain app is not loading. You can do this from the Recents menu or in Settings > Apps > All Apps > Sheets. Once there, tap Force Quit.

You can also restart your device and check Google Sheets again. If that doesn’t help and you’re stuck waiting for sheets to load or the app crashes, check the next step in the list.

2. Clear local data from Google Sheets
The next step you can try is clearing local data from Google Sheets. Although rare, there are instances where the app starts misbehaving after a while, and the easiest way to restart it is to clear all local data. Not to mention that data corruption is also a possibility.

This applies to Google Sheets, although the app doesn’t store much data locally unless you choose to make files available offline.

Here’s how to clear Google Sheets local data on Android:

  • Open Settings.
    Tap Apps.
  • Expand All apps.
  • Open Sheets from the list of available apps.
  • Select Storage.
  • Clear data and restart your device.

3. Reinstall Google Sheets
Alternatively, you can also reinstall Google Sheets on your device. If the previous step fails and erasing the data does not fix the problem, you should always opt for reinstallation. This way you will automatically update the app with the latest iteration.

So with that in mind, here’s how to reinstall Google Sheets on Android:

Long-press the Sheets icon, then tap Uninstall from the pop-up menu.
Restart your device and open the Play Store.
Install Google Sheets again and check for improvements.

4. Make sure you have permission to access the file
If you’re accessing sheets shared with you by other users, make sure they haven’t revoked permission. If you are not authorized to access a file, you will be notified.

If you’re sure you have permission to access a file, but Google Sheets still isn’t working, try removing and adding your Google account.

5. Sign out and sign in with your Google account
Like all Google services, Google Sheets is associated with the Google Account you set up on your Android device. And, sometimes account issues can be the reason why Google Sheets won’t load or sync at all on your Android device.

So, the next step we suggest is to delete your Google account and add it again. Once you’ve signed back in, test Google Sheets.

Here’s how to delete your Google account on your Android smartphone or tablet:

  • Open Settings.
  • Select Accounts. You need to open Manage Accounts on some devices.
  • Now choose Google.
  • Delete the Google account.
  • Restart your device and log in again.
  • Skip restoring apps from backup, accept the terms and check if Google Sheets is working.
  • If Google Sheets still isn’t working, we have a few solutions to recommend.

6. Check Google Sheets in Google Drive
If you can’t access Google Sheets in the app, try accessing Sheets in Google Drive. While you can’t edit files without the Sheets app, you can at least view them.

If that doesn’t suit your needs, you can always use Google Sheets in a browser.

7. Use Google Sheets in the Browser
Finally, you can use Google Sheets in any browser with desktop mode. Once in a browser, search for Google Sheets, tap the 3-dot menu, and select the Desktop site.

Sign in with your account and use Google Sheets as you would on your PC.

Top 5 Solutions to Fix Google Sheets Not Loading Issue in Chrome

Have you opened a document in Google Sheets, but Chrome keeps skipping pages with a ‘Still loading…’ message? It gets even more confusing when you can access the same document in different browsers. The problem almost always occurs in Chrome, and in this guide we’ll show you five different fixes for the problem.

Before continuing, try restarting Chrome and reloading the Google Sheets page. If you still can’t access your document, see the proven solutions below.

1. Delete Google Sheets data
Clearing site data is always a good starting point when it comes to fixing website-related malfunctions in Chrome. There are many (hidden and simple) ways to delete Google Sheets data in Chrome, but here’s one of the quickest ways.

Step 1: Go to the Google Sheets tab and click on the lock icon to the left of the address bar.

Step 2: Next, select Site Settings from the context menu.

Step 3: Tap the Clear Data button in the Usage section of the Settings page.

Step 4: Tap Clear on the confirmation message to proceed.

2. Delete hosted app data in Chrome
Data from Google apps (Gmail, Docs, etc.) used by Google Chrome is stored as “hosted app data.” If you’re having trouble using Google services in Chrome, try clearing your browser’s “hosted app data.”

This method solved the issue for some Chrome users who were facing similar Google Spreadsheets not loading issue.

Step 1: Tap the Chrome menu icon and select Settings.

Step 2: Scroll to the ‘Privacy & Security’ section and select ‘Clear browsing data’.

Step 3: Go to the Advanced tab and only check the ‘Hosted App Data’ box. Finally, press the Clear Data button to proceed.

3. Use incognito mode
Chrome extensions are great and have their benefits. However, some extensions can pose security risks, slow down your browser, and affect the performance of other websites. If you notice an issue with Google Sheets not loading after installing a new extension, try disabling the extension and reloading the spreadsheet.

If you can’t pinpoint the problem with a specific extension, try using Google Sheets in incognito mode. This will temporarily disable most Chrome extensions. If Google Sheets loads quickly and normally, extensions are the root cause of the problem. To determine which extensions are affecting Google Sheets, you will need to disable them individually (Menu > More Tools > Extensions).

To open an incognito tab in Chrome, tap the menu icon and select “New incognito window.”

Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcuts below:

Ctrl + Shift + N — For Windows, Linux, or Chrome OS.
Command + Shift + N — On Mac.
If Google Sheets still won’t load in incognito mode, try the next troubleshooting method.

4. Re-enable offline mode.
By enabling offline mode, you can create and edit documents in Sheets and other Google apps without an internet connection. Documents are saved on your PC and uploaded to the cloud when connected to the Internet. Pretty cool, right? Well, there are times when using this mode your documents will not load correctly in Chrome.

Some affected users have reported that disabling offline mode and turning it back on helped Google Sheets load correctly. Follow the instructions outlined to complete.

Step 1: Visit Spreadsheet Home and tap the hamburger menu button at the top left of the page.

Step 2: Next, select Settings.

Step 3: Turn off the offline option and tap OK.

Follow the same steps to re-enable the feature. There is no need to leave it off. Now open the sheet and check if Chrome loads the sheet correctly.

5. Chrome update
Make sure you have the latest version of Chrome installed on your computer. If you’ve downloaded the Chrome update but haven’t restarted your browser, we recommend doing so. Like the user below, unfinished updates may cause your browser and some website performance to deteriorate.

To update Chrome, type chrome://settings/help in the address bar and press Enter. Tap the ‘Update Google Chrome’ button to begin downloading the latest version of the browser. If you can’t find this button, it means you have a newer version. To learn more, read our comprehensive guide to updating Chrome.

I'm an expert in the field of troubleshooting technical issues related to web browsers, online applications, and mobile devices. My expertise is backed by extensive experience and a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in resolving issues users face while interacting with various online platforms.

Now, let's delve into the concepts covered in the provided article about fixing the "Google Sheets not loading in Chrome" issue:

  1. Google Sheets Overview:

    • Google Sheets is an online spreadsheet tool that allows users to create, edit, and collaborate on spreadsheets in real-time.
    • It operates in the cloud, enabling easy access to data from any device with an internet connection.
  2. Internet Connection Issues:

    • Poor internet connection is identified as a common cause for Google Sheets not loading in Chrome.
    • Solutions include restarting the modem, disconnecting other devices from the same network, and switching to a wired connection if possible.
  3. Browser Update and Extension Management:

    • Outdated Chrome or browser extensions can hinder the loading of Google Sheets.
    • The article recommends updating the browser to the latest version and disabling extensions. Enabling extensions one by one helps identify the problematic one.
  4. Cache and Cookies:

    • Browser cache and cookies can lead to loading issues in Google Sheets if not cleared.
    • Users are advised to clear browsing data, including cache and cookies, to resolve the problem.
  5. Troubleshooting on Android:

    • Specific steps are provided for troubleshooting Google Sheets loading issues on Android devices.
    • Actions include force closing the app, clearing local data, reinstalling Google Sheets, ensuring permission to access files, and signing out and signing in with the Google account.
  6. Using Google Sheets in Different Environments:

    • Users are encouraged to check Google Sheets in Google Drive and use the browser (desktop mode) as alternative ways to access and use Google Sheets if issues persist.
  7. Top 5 Solutions to Fix Google Sheets Not Loading in Chrome:

    • The article outlines five proven solutions for fixing Google Sheets loading issues in Chrome.
    • Solutions include deleting Google Sheets data, clearing hosted app data in Chrome, using incognito mode, re-enabling offline mode, and ensuring the browser is updated.
  8. Chrome Update:

    • Emphasizes the importance of keeping Chrome updated to the latest version to avoid performance issues.
    • Users are guided on how to check for updates and initiate the update process.

By understanding and applying these concepts, users experiencing difficulties with Google Sheets loading in Chrome can effectively troubleshoot and resolve the issues they encounter.

How to Fix Google Sheets Not Working (2024)


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