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Differences Between Weha Transport Products & Others

Weha is a name that is known for high quality products when it comes to material handling. But what makes Weha different from other brands? Here are seven differentiating factors to consider.

1. Premium European Grade Steel

Weha transport carts are manufactured by Weha Germany using premium grade European grade A steel. This means stronger, straighter, and more durable granite transport carts.

Weha competitors' products are manufactured using recycled Asian steel that has been processed. This creates weaker transport carts that greatly sacrifice life.

2. Fully Hot Dipped Galvanized

Weha transport racks are completely hot dipped galvanized. Not coated. But fully submersed. This process allows both the outside and even the inside of the steel to be zinc galvanized coated. This means zero rusting, no paint flaking, no salt concerns, no worries with leaving them outside and in the back of trucks. For years! Actually, on average galvanized steel is expected to last 30 years or more, although some sources say up to 70 years before the zinc is worn away.

Weha competitors' A frames are simply painted or powder coated. How long does it take for their A frame carts to form rust once the paint has been scratched? As little as 2 weeks! Remember the 1970's and 80's Fords? Shhhh. You can actually hear them rusting.

3. 17 Year Life Expectancy

As stated from point 2, the life expectancy of Weha A frames are approximately 17 years. Weha transport carts have been sold in the USA since 1997. Based upon fabricators who have purchased these in the mid 1990s and early 2000s, those A frames are still going strong. Many have simply replaced their rubber and straps and the A frames are back to perfect working order! The life of the granite A frames are a little shorter because fabricators have dropped them out of the backs of trucks, slab delivery trucks hit them and run them over, or they are severely crushed by crazy forklift drivers.

Weha competitors A frames have a life expectancy of 8 years. With lack of bracing, inferior steel used, and the painted surface severely reduces the life of these granite A frames.

4. T Slot Rubber for easy Replacement

Weha A frames are made with specially designed T slot premium grade T slot rubber. This rubber does not bleed onto the stone and lasts for years. Once worn out, simply slide or pop the rubber out and install new rubber. A Weha A frame can be completely stripped of old rubber and new rubber installed in less than 10 minutes!

Weha competitors transport carts install dense rubber by gluing them onto the A frames. Experiences from fabricators say they are constantly regluing the bottom pieces back on. And once worn out, it takes hours or days to install new rubber and wait for the glue to dry.

5. Interior Structural Support Beams built inside the A Frame

Weha A frames are built with hot dipped galvanized steel structural support beams inside the A frame. These cross beams run from the middle bottom to the top end of the A frame. These beams provide tremendous strength and support to the A frame. This keeps the A frame perfectly straight and structurally strong, adding years to its life.

Weha Competitors offer NO interior support beams. This allows excess A frame movement, warping, weld fatique, and drastically reduces the life of the A frame by at least half.

6. Galvanized Locking Upright Poles with Brass Buckles & Straps

Every Weha stone A frame transport cart comes complete with a set of fully hot dipped galvanized locking upright poles lined with T slot rubber and brass buckle and strap. This is not an optional add on or additional cost to you. This is included with each A frame.

Weha Competitors do offer painted or powder coated upright poles. They are made out of the same Asian steel and painted the same way. And the rubber is glued onto the upright pole the same way. BUT many of the carts offered do not come with these uprights. They are optional add ons with additional costs involved. This can add hundreds of dollars to the cart cost.

7. Competitively Priced

Weha granite transport A frame racks are very closely priced with its competitors. Is Weha cheaper? Not on the initial purchase. But when you compare the above 6 points and see that Weha A frames will literally last twice as long as its competitors A frame transport cart. When you factor in the superior raw materials, fully hot dipped galvanization of all parts, complete set of galvanized upright poles included, and structurally built better, the small difference in price could save thousands over the next 20 years.

Granite transport rack, Transport Cart, Transport A Frame, Transport Racks (2024)


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