De Kringloopwinkel: Thrift shops in the Netherlands (2024)

To me, there is nothing like browsing my local thrift shop or charity shop (or in Dutch: kringloopwinkel)! The smell (reminiscent of my grandma’s house…)! The sights (do they really think that obviously haunted doll will be sold?)! The bargains (only 50 cents for that vase!)!

Now, chances you’ll find a priceless heirloom during your thrift shop adventures are pretty slim. But, ever heard of the saying: one person’s trash is another person’s treasure? Well, that certainly holds up in thrift shops. Some of the second-hand items you will encounter during your browsing, you will not even look at twice, but I guarantee you, they will get sold eventually. And that’s a good thing!

How often do we mindlessly buy new stuff, while our old stuff is still perfectly fine? Usually, the stuff found at thrift shops just needs some extra love, a new layer of paint, or a new set of buttons, for instance. I have found some amazing things at thrift shops, such as vintage art nouveau mirrors from the 70s and a cute retro cabinet for only 50 euros!

Thrift shop chains in the Netherlands

Are you ready to give cast-aside things a second chance? There are a few thrift shops chains that can be found throughout the Netherlands -these are the most popular ones:


RataPlan was founded in 1982, and back then it was called Stichting Kringloopwinkel. Its mission?“To counter the enormous waste of raw materials and energy in society and the associated pollution of the environment.” RataPlan’s first store opened in Den Helder, but nowadays, the organisation has 30 thrift shops in North Holland, South Holland and Flevoland and provides work to people struggling to find work.

What can you find at RataPlan? Well, almost anything really. Clothes, furniture, bicycles, toys, household items, books and more. New stuff comes in every day. Oh, and some stores even have a bicycle mechanic to fix your bike!

You can find RataPlan in the following places: Alkmaar, Amsterdam, Almere-Haven, Almere-Stad, Berkel en Rodenrijs, Capelle aan den Ijssel, Delft, The Hague, Den Helder, Diemen, Haarlem, Heerhugowaard, Hoofddorp, Maassluis, Monster, Naaldwijk, Rotterdam, Schagen, Spijkenisse, Tuitjenhorn and Wieringerwerf.


Noppes is committed to a green world where everyone is included. Every year, Noppes collects more than seven million kilogramsof textiles and household goods - about 76 percent of these products are reused and rehomed and the rest is recycled! This reduces CO2 emissions by roughly fivemillion kilograms!

Furthermore, Noppes is a social enterprise; they immediately reinvest all their proceeds in realising their goals: sustainable reuse and work for everyone. More than 400 employees work at Noppes, as well as volunteers, students and interns. Their aim is an inclusive labour market in the Netherlands in which everyone can participate fully.

You can find Noppes here: Purmerend, Wormer, Zaandam, Volendam, Hoorn, Grootebroek, Opmeer, Velserbroek, Santpoort-Noord, Beverwijk, Uitgeest, Nieuwegein, Houten, Woerden and Gouda.


In the Netherlands, Emmaus consists of 14 residential and working communities. Together, these operate 20 thrift stores.

All branches are focused on giving people the opportunity to fulfil their lives in a meaningful way, to help them get out of a problematic situation, to improve the environment by sorting and reusing discarded products as much as possible, and to give people with a small budget the chance to buy things for little money. And what’s also great is that the money that’s leftover goes directly to charities at home and abroad!

Emmaus is located in the following towns: Bilthoven, Breda, De Bilt, Den Haag, Eindhoven, Farmsum, Gouda, Haarzuilens, Langeweg, Swalmen, Tegelen, Utrecht, Wageningen and Zwaag.

Terre des Hommes

Founded in 1960 by Edmond Kaiser in Lausanne, Switzerland, Terre des Hommes ("Land of People" or"Land of Men") is an international children’s rights charitable organisation, located in Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain, Syria, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

To raise money for their cause, and to help better the environment, Terre des Hommes runs over 40 thrift shops in the Netherlands. With your purchases at their shops, you help the fight against the exploitation of children, as their proceeds go to their programmes.

To see if there is a Terre des Hommes shop near you, enter your postcode in their site’s shop finder.

ReShare Store

In the Netherlands, the Leger des Heils (Salvation Army) has been collecting second-hand clothing and textiles for over 100 years. Today, you can find these clothes in the ReShare Stores.

ReShare focuses on growth and innovation with benefits for people, society and the environment. They also strive for circularity within the textile industry. To achieve this, ReShare works together with municipalities, innovators, other textile re-users, fashion designers and retail producers.

You can find ReShare Stores in the following locations: Alkmaar, Arnhem, Breda, The Hague, Deventer, Dordrecht, Groningen, Nijmegen, Rotterdam and Tilburg.

Contributing to a thrift shop

All the chains mentioned above also accept donations. So, is your attic looking a little messy or did you just Marie Kondo your closet? Take your old clothes and furniture to one of these shops to give them a second chance. Oh, and some of these stores will even pick up your things, so there is no need for you to drive anywhere if you can't. How handy is that?!

Have you ever shopped at a thrift shop in the Netherlands? Let us know in the comments below!

De Kringloopwinkel: Thrift shops in the Netherlands (2024)


What is the largest thrift store in the Netherlands? ›

RataPlan The Hague - largest thrift store in the Netherlands.

How does kringloop work? ›

Unlike other second-hand and vintage shops, the 'Kringloopwinkel' is based on an altruistic concept that people can donate their old clothing, furniture, household appliances and goods, books, tools, records, CD's, electronic equipment, and even building supplies, so that they can be resold for an affordable price, ...

Where is the largest thrift store in the country? ›

Welcome to Redlands Thrift! Worlds Largest Thrift Store, Redlands CA.

Is thrifting big in Europe? ›

Key Trends Influencing Demand for Second-hand Apparel in Europe. The culture of thrift shopping that was otherwise relegated to small markets of boutique has, in recent times, become popularly attended to by the broad section of the masses.

What sells the most in the Netherlands? ›

Clothing, shoes and accessories48.4%53.5%
Movies and series via streaming service41.7%46.3%
Internet or telephone subscriptions30.4%38.7%
Cinema tickets and cultural events28.7%33.9%
9 more rows
Oct 24, 2023

What is the oldest shopping street in the Netherlands? ›

Nijmegen is not only the oldest city in the Netherlands, but it's also home to the country's oldest shopping street: Lange Hezelstraat.

Where to throw away clothes in the Netherlands? ›

Textiles can be disposed of in speciale clothes containers. These are usually near supermarkets. You can also dispose of old textiles at a waste recycling point or a thrift store. To protect clothes against moist and dirt, it's important you offer your textiles in a closed bag.

How to get rid of old furniture in the Netherlands? ›

Bulky household waste can be taken to the waste recycling point (milieustraat in Dutch) of your municipality. You can also pay to let Cure pick up the waste from your home. You can use the Cure Webshop (only for residents of Eindhoven) or contact our Cure customer service for the rates and conditions per municipality.

Is kringloop a charity? ›

To me, there is nothing like browsing my local thrift shop or charity shop (or in Dutch: kringloopwinkel)! The smell (reminiscent of my grandma's house…)

What country is the best to thrift in? ›

If shopping vintage markets is your idea of a good time, enjoy this list of the best cities in the world for thrift shopping.
  • Paris, France. ...
  • Tokyo, Japan. ...
  • Seattle, USA. ...
  • Bristol, UK. ...
  • Madrid, Spain. ...
  • Cape Town, South Africa. ...
  • Melbourne, Australia.

What is the best city for thrifting? ›

Here is the definitive list of the best cities for thrifting in the country. According to our data, the top five cities for thrifting in the U.S. are Riverside, CA, Atlanta, GA, Columbus, OH, Orlando, FL, and Tampa, FL.

Where is the best place to go vintage shopping in Europe? ›

Berlin, Germany

If you're a vintage clothes magpie, you won't go far wrong with the German capital. Known as the “thrifting centre of Europe”, it's famed for its vintage designer boutiques, second-hand flea markets and kilo sales — where you pay for your purchases by weight, not item.

What is the largest Dutch supermarket chain? ›

Albert Heijn: The premium retailer is the largest Dutch chain with almost 1,000 stores and a product range focusing on quality.

What is the largest supermarket in the Netherlands? ›

Albert Heijn (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈɑlbərt ˈɦɛin]), often abbreviated to AH ( pronounced [aːˈɦaː]) and informally to Appie ( pronounced [ˈɑpi]), is the largest supermarket chain in the Netherlands with a market share of 34.8% in 2020.

What is the big supermarket chain in the Netherlands? ›

Albert Heijn

Albert Heijn is in first place, reporting an annual turnover of €16 billion in 2021. The Ahold Delhaize-owned retailer operated 1,733 outlets as of 2022 and its banners include AH to Go,, Albert Heijn XL, Albert Heijn, and Gall & Gall.

What are the Netherlands biggest grocery stores? ›

In number of stores, Albert Heijn is the largest supermarket chain in the Netherlands followed by Jumbo and PLUS.


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