2025 BMW M4 Gets More Powerful and More Expensive (2024)

  • BMW's M3 and M4 twins are some of the most competent sport sedans on the market today, and the coupe version is getting a refresh.
  • With a few additional horses, new headlights, and a flat-bottom steering wheel, the M4's bones remain largely the same for the 2025 model year.
  • Starting at $80,095, the base model M4 certainly isn't cheap, but the M4 Competition xDrive Convertible edges closer to $100,000 for 2025.

Without getting too far into the divisive discussion that is the evaluation of sports cars in an EV era, it's worth noting how good the sports car market is right now.

Sure, it's not the golden era of the 1990s, but manufacturers continue to invest in sporty models, if only for a last gasoline-powered hurrah.

Among manufacturers like Toyota and Ford, BMW stands out as a brand that has not wavered in willingness to offer a variety of sports cars.


2025 BMW M4 Competition xDrive Convertible.

Whether in traditional roadster form or bruting grand touring sedans, BMW takes its long-held title of the Ultimate Driving Machine seriously. And the continuation of the BMW M4 into 2025 is a testament to that.

Refreshed for the 2025 model year, the G82-generation BMW M4 will get a few small changes in the new year. From a bump in power to a facelift, BMW is holding strong to its classic sport sedans, even in modern derivative form.

Rumors persist about an incoming electric M3, but the twin-turbo 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder powerplant remains.

And it is slightly improved for 2025, with a bump in power depending on your trim of choice. Standard M4 models will keep the tradition by offering 473 hp and 406 lb-ft of torque through a six-speed manual transmission.

Similarly, the rear-wheel-drive BMW M4 Competition Coupe continues to deliver a powerful 503 hp and 479 lb-ft of torque.


2025 BMW M4 Coupe interior.

However, xDrive versions of the BMW M4 Competition go even further, offering 523 hp and 479 lb-ft of torque. That's an extra 20 hp compared to the late model.

With a cylinder head manufactured in a 3-D printing process, BMW didn't cite any specific mechanical changes to its S58 engine, though the motorsports sleeveless closed-deck engine design is special enough as is.

It’s no surprise BMW has opted for a staggered tire and wheel setup on the M4.

All BMW M4 models are electronically limited to 155 mph except for the Competition spec models, which can go 174 mph or 180 mph in convertible and coupe form, respectively.

BMW says the AWD-equipped Competition can sprint from 0-60 mph in 3.4 seconds, though Car and Driver figures from last year quote a whopping 2.8 seconds instead.

Given the sheer level of power on tap, it's no surprise BMW has opted for a staggered tire and wheel setup on the M4. With 18-inch wheels up front and 19-inch wheels out back, only the Competition variant will retain its former 19-inch front and 20-inch rear stagger.


BMW designs continue to be polarizing and the M4 has been widely criticized. And it's not supposed to change much for the 2025 model year, either. In fact, redesigned LED headlights and taillights represent the majority of the exterior changes.

Inside the new M4, drivers will find a flat-bottom leather steering wheel with a red stripe marking the noon position, though an Alcantara microsuede steering wheel is also available.

Par for the course on modern BMWs, the M4 will feature the massive 14.9-inch central control monitor and a 12.3-inch digital instrument display.

As the new model year rolls in, BMW has released pricing for the 2025 M4, with only slight increases. Base model M4 units will start at $80,095 while RWD M4 Competition models go up to $84,195.

Further up the line, 2025 BMW M4 Competition xDrive Coupe units start at $89,295, with the top-of-the-line drop-top version going for as high as $96,295.

That's $1000 more for the base model M4 and RWD Competition unit, though the price for a Competition xDrive is up by around $2000. Produced at the BMW Group plant in Dingolfing, Germany, the refreshed M4 launches globally in March.

Does the driving experience of models like the M4 outweigh its stylistic crimes? Why or why not? Please share your thoughts below.

2025 BMW M4 Gets More Powerful and More Expensive (4)

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2025 BMW M4 Gets More Powerful and More Expensive (2024)


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